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Management (MGS)
Craig Weaver

POWERPOINT 4 Key competencies Intrapersonal emotional stability, self control, attitudes toward authority, learning style Interpersonal social, self monitoring, self control Leadership recruiting, retaining, motivating, communicating, ethics Business decision making, problem solving, negotiation, planning, evaluating performance, strategy Levels of Self Insight: 1. Appearance, manner, expressiveness, interests, presence 2. Knowledge, acquired skills, training, experience, education, credentials 3. Attitudes, beliefs, self motivation, stability, maturity, judgment, aptitude, behavior patterns Personality: Extraversion Agreeableness Emotional stability Openness Conscientiousness Self esteem view of oneself positively Interpersonal skills ability to put oneself in anothers role, anticipating others expectations, acting according to others expectations, staying focused on others expectations Learning style tendency toward gathering, responding to, and interpreting info Learning styles: Concrete experience learn thru personal involvement Reflective observations seek meaning thru studyreflection Abstract conceptualization build theories using logic, ideas, and concepts Active experimentation change situations, influence surroundings to see what happens Functions of management: Planning setting performance objectives, how to achieve them Organizing arranging tasks, people, resources to accomplish work Leading inspiring people to work hard to achieve high performance Controlling measuring performance and taking action to ensure desired results Types of Management Roles: Interpersonal figurehead, leader, liaison www.notesolution.com
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