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Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

Chapter 10: Motivating & Leading Employees PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTRACTS IN ORGANIZATION Psychological Contracts: The set of expectations help by an employee concerning what he or she will contribute to an organization(contributions) and what the organization will provide the employee(inducements) in return All organizations face the basic challenge of managing psychological contracts Massive wave of downsizing and cutbacks have complicated the process of managing psychological contracts if psychological contracts are created, maintained and manage effectively the result is likely to be workers who are satisfied and motivated Human relations: Interactions between employers and employees and their attitudes toward one another IMPORTANCE OF JOB SATISFACTION Job satisfaction: The pleasure and feeling of accomplishment employees derive from performing their jobs well satisfied employees have high morale- the overall attitude of employees toward their workplace determined by job satisfaction, and satisfaction with pay, benefits, co-workers and promotion opportunities Ensuring employees are satisfied=management gains (bc more efficient and smooth running company) Low morale high turnover- Z L2}L}2L]]}L[Z}l} ZoZLKZ replaced Sometimes natural and health bc it weeds out low performing workers but high levels have many negative consequences (numerous vacancies, disruption in production, decreased productivity and high retraining vacancies) MOTIVATION IN THE WORKPLACE Cri] o}]K[ZZ ZZ Motivation- set of forces that causes people to behave in certain ways Classical Theory and Scientific Management According to so-called classic theory of motivation: A theory of motivation that presumes that worker are motivated almost solely by money. Frederick Taylor proposed a way for both companies and workers to benefit from this widely accepted view of life in the workplace. If workers are motivated by money then paying them more would make them work more.
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