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Management (MGT)

ChapterManaging 8 Human Resources1Adam the manager of sewing production has been asked to rankorder his team from top to bottomThis isan example of what type of ranking methodAforce distributionBgraphic ratingCtopdown order rankingDsimple rankingEhighlow feedbackAnswerDDiffPage 1 Ref 2502When an employee performance rater recalls examples of especially good or poor performance by anemployee this is calledAthe process improvement methodBthe new work force methodCthe inconsistency methodDthe highvisibility methodEthe critical incident methodAnswerEDiffPage 2 Ref 2513Managers tend to avoid giving employees negative feedback for all of the following reasons exceptAemployee may be angryBemployee may be hurtCemployee may quitDemployee may be discouragedEemployee may be argumentativeAnswerCDiffPage 2 Ref 2504 is the set of organizational activities directed at attracting developing and maintaining an effectiveworkforceADeveloping a mission statementBFinancial managementCProduction managementDHuman resource managementEOperations managementAnswerDDiffPage 2 Ref 2385Human resource managers are also sometimes calledApersonnel managersBaccountantsCproduction managersDnancial managersElawyersAnswerADiffPage 2 Ref 238Page1 6Human resources are a valuable means forAreducing embarrassmentBreducing the amount of strategic processesCreducing unnecessary organizational costsDimproving government interactionsEimproving productivityAnswerEDiffPage 1 Ref 2387Which of the following is considered the starting point of effective human resource managementAadvertisingBhuman resource planningCrecruitmentDexternal stafngEnancingAnswerBDiffPage 2 Ref 2398The evaluation of the duties required by a particular job and the qualities required to perform it is referred toasApromotionBstafngCtrainingDjob analysisEadvertisingAnswerDDiffPage 1 Ref 2399Cindy Stevens is observing and interviewing several database administrators to determine the duties andresponsibilities associated with their job as well as the knowledge skills and abilities that someone musthave to perform the job Cindy is performing the HR function ofAstafngBpromotionCadvertisingDjob analysisEtrainingAnswerDDiffPage 2 Ref 23910Ais a document outlining the duties of a job its working conditions and the tools materials andequipment used to perform itAjob specicationBjob advertisementCjob quanticationDrecruitment effortEjob descriptionAnswerEDiffPage 1 Ref 239Page2 11Cindy Stevens has developed a document that identies the duties and responsibilities of a databaseadministrator This document is referred to as aAjob quanticationBjob specicationCjob advertisementDrecruitment effortEjob descriptionAnswerEDiffPage 2 Ref 23912Which of the following describes the skills education and experience required by a jobAjob specicationBstafng surveyConthejob training agreementDadvertising budgetEemployee analysisAnswerADiffPage 1 Ref 23913Cindy Stevens has identied the knowledge skills and abilities necessary for a database administrator inher organization She will record this information in anAemployee analysisBonthejob training agreementCjob specicationDstafng surveyEadvertising budgetAnswerCDiffPage 1 Ref 23914Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding human resource managementAHRM takes place in complex ever changing contextBHRM is strategically importantCHRMs importance has grown dramatically over the last two decadesDThe effectiveness of the HR function has a substantial impact on the bottom lineEAll of the above are true statements regarding human resource managementAnswerEDiffPage 2 Ref 23815When managers conduct a job analysis they may use this information toAestablish performance appraisal systemsBset equitable compensation ratesCdevelop appropriate selection methodsDStart planning for the organizations future HR needsEall of the aboveAnswerEDiffPage 2 Ref 239Page3
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