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ChapterMotivating 10 and Leading Employees1A report by Business and Economic Roundtables on Mental Health concluded that employee stress is costingCanadian industry aboutbillion each yearA60B220C5D15E109AnswerADiffPage 2 Ref 3022Anis the set of expectations held by employees concerning what they will contribute to anorganization and what the organization will provide in returnApsychological contractBinducementCemployee contractDcontributionEsatisfaction agreementAnswerADiffPage 1 Ref 3033In terms of psychological contractsrefer to what an employee contributes to the organizationApromisesBinputsCcommitmentsDinducementsEcontributionsAnswerEDiffPage 2 Ref 3024In terms of psychological contractsrefer to what the organization provides to the employeeAinducementsBpromisesCcommitmentsDrelationsEcontributionsAnswerADiffPage 2 Ref 3025Christine Choi is a programmer for BMC Software in Houston In terms of a psychological contract her include her education skills effort time and energyAinducementsBcontributionsCinputsDpromisesEcommitmentsAnswerBDiffPage 2 Ref 302Page1 6Christine Choi is a programmer for BMC Software in Houston In terms of a psychological contract her include a good place to work nice benets and a large salaryAcontributionsBpromisesCinputsDinducementsEcommitmentsAnswerDDiffPage 2 Ref 3027Which term is described as the interactions between employers and employees and their attitudes towardsone anotherAjob satisfactionBhuman relationsCpsychological contractDhuman resourcesEpersonnel managementAnswerBDiffPage 1 Ref 3028 is designed to change behavior by presenting people with unpleasant consequencesAPunishmentBRestrictionsCReward withdrawlDNew managementEReward designAnswerADiffPage 1 Ref 3129Which term identies the pleasurable feeling that people derive from performing their jobs wellAnancial compensationBhuman relationsCmoraleDjob satisfactionEmotivationAnswerDDiffPage 1 Ref 30310Which is not one of the ways that a rm can benet from satised employeesAmore committed and loyalBmore likely to miss work for minor illnessCtend to have fewer grievancesDmore likely to work hardEmore likely to remain with the organizationAnswerBDiffPage 1 Ref 303Page2 11 is the mental attitude that employees have about their workplaceAHuman relationsBJob enrichmentCMoraleDJob satisfactionEEmpowermentAnswerCDiffPage 1 Ref 30312The process of energizing employees to create high product quality and to provide bendoverbackwardsservice to customers is known asAempowermentBmotivationCjob satisfactionDleadershipEjob enrichmentAnswerADiffPage 1 Ref 31413Compared to workers with high morale and job satisfaction workers with poor morale and jobdissatisfaction areAmore likely to be paid less than othersBless likely to be absent from workCless likely to have coworkers as friendsDmore likely to quitEless productiveAnswerDDiffPage 3 Ref 30314What is the meaning of the term turnover when dealing with people in the organizationAturnover measures the protability of the rm per employeeBturnover measures the departure of employees from the organizationCturnover is the mental attitude about the jobDturnover measures the rate at which the nished goods inventory is sold during the yearEturnover reects the number of grievances submitted by employeesAnswerBDiffPage 1 Ref 30315Morale isAthe generally positive or negative mental attitude employees have towards their work and workplaceBthe generally positive or negative mental attitude managers have towards their employeesCthe view on ethics held by employeesDan attitude held only by production employeesEthe view on ethics held by managersAnswerADiffPage 1 Ref 303Page3
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