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Management (MGT)

ChapterOrganizing 7 the Business Enterprise1Organizational structure refers toAdetermining how best to use available material resourcesBstructuring the necessary resources to complete a particular taskCthe specication of the jobs to be done within a business and how those jobs relate to one anotherDdeveloping an organizational chartEdetermining which employees report to whomAnswerCDiffPage 2 Ref 2062Which term is dened as the specication of the jobs to be done and the ways in which those jobs relate toone anotherAchain of commandBspan of controlCorganizational strategyDorganizational determinantsEorganizational structureAnswerEDiffPage 3 Ref 2073Roger is analyzing the jobs to be done in his company their specic overall purpose and how the jobs relateto each other Roger is analyzing the companysAdepartmentalizationBorganizational chartCchain of commandDorganizational structureEjob descriptionsAnswerDDiffPage 1 Ref 2074The term organizational structure is dened asAthe relationship between the chain of command in a decentralized organizationBthe specication of the way in which the organization manages the projectsCthe specication of the jobs to be done within a business and the relationship of these jobs with eachotherDteams of individuals temporarily working on a special project togetherEthe specication of the jobs to be done within a business and how much decentralization will bepermittedAnswerCDiffPage 1 Ref 2075Which of the following elements determine an organizations structureAthe organizations strategyBthe organizations missionCthe organizations technologyDthe organizations purposeEall of the aboveAnswerEDiffPage 2 Ref 207Page1 6The planned reduction in the scope of an organizations activity isAdistributionBresizingCdownsizingDdirectingEnone of the aboveAnswerCDiffPage 3 Ref 2197In early 1999 Ford executives announced changes intended to eliminate corporate bureaucracy speeddecision making and improve communication and working relationships among people at different levels ofthe organization These changes are examples of thefunction of managementAdirectingBcontrollingCorganizingDplanningEnone of the aboveAnswerCDiffPage 2 Ref 2078Which of the following clarify structure and show employees where they t into a rms operationsAorganization chartsBdepartmentalizationCdelegationDmission statementEresponsibilityAnswerADiffPage 1 Ref 2079Which of the following was not identied in the text as one of the determinants of organizational structureAorganizational strategyBpurpose of the organizationCorganizational protDorganizational missionEorganizational sizeAnswerCDiffPage 2 Ref 20710Which of the following does not account for different organizational structuresAan institutions strategyBan institutions protsCan institutions missionDchanges in environmental circumstancesEan institutions purposeAnswerBDiffPage 2 Ref 207Page2 11What is the purpose of organization chartsAportrays the rms structure and the relationship of employees within the organizationBused to plan marketing campaignsCa valuable tool for agencies experiencing a large increase in research and development of newproductsDshows the grouping of jobs into logical unitsEdetermines which jobs need to be accomplished and who will perform themAnswerADiffPage 2 Ref 20712Which term is dened as a physical depiction of the companys structure showing employee titles and theirrelationship to one anotherAorganizational determinantsBorganizational structureCorganizational strategyDchain of commandEorganization chartAnswerEDiffPage 1 Ref 20713What would an organization use to show a new employee hisher position in the rm and its relationship toother positionsAorganizational strategyBmanual of positions and relationshipsCdepartmentalization planDorganization chartEjob specialization listAnswerDDiffPage 1 Ref 20714What is the meaning of the individual boxes shown on an organization chartAeach box represents a product or service provided by the organizationBeach box is appropriately labelled as a function or a process in the ow of materialsservicesCeach box represents a job within the companyDeach box represents a group of peopleEeach box indicates a different geographical departmentalizationAnswerCDiffPage 1 Ref 22715What is the meaning of the solid lines connecting the boxes on an organization chartAidenties the relationship to the important staff departmentsBidenties the products or services available from the organizationCidenties the level of specialization within the organizationDidenties the relationship between the processes in the ow of materialsservicesEidenties the reporting relationship or chain of command within the organizationAnswerEDiffPage 1 Ref 208Page3
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