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Management (MGT)
Gordon Cleveland

Psychology Chapter 1The science of PsychologyoHumans are often compared to machines for we share the same componentsoConsciousness is just a variety of electrical signals travelling through the neural pathways within the brainoThough some believe that machines will never be able to feel emotionoTreating inanimate objects like people is called anthropomorphismoPsychology itself is misinterpreted in mainstream mediaoPsychology is an incredibly vast disciplineoMost disciplines of psychology fall into two categoriesIt either uses the study of behavior perceptions thoughts and emotionsThe other part uses the scientific method to deduce its hypothesisUsing the past information psychology can be defined asoThe scientific study of behavior thought and experienceThe Scientific MethodoA person carefully following a set system of observations predictions and testing is conducting true scienceoIt does not matter what it is youre doing if your discipline and methods follow the scientific method you are conducting a scienceScientific method A way of learning about the world via collecting observations proposing explanations for the observations developing theories to explain them and using the theories to make predictionsoHypothesis Making PredictionsAll science orbits the concept of hypothesis and theoryA hypothesis is a testable prediction about processes that can be observed and measuredoA testable hypothesis can be either confirmed or rejected with rigorous testingoThey are not proved just confirmed via testing that does not conflict with it
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