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Management (MGT)

From Chapter 5During the 2008 US presidential election campaign then candidate now President Barack Obama said that if elected he would renegotiate NAFTAi in 5 or 6 words what is NAFTA1 markii in 4 or 5 sentences explain NAFTA2 makrsiii Apart from Canada and the USA what third country is party to NAFTA1 markiv If Mr Obama did renegotiate NAFTA what do you 1 markthink the likely effect would be on Canadian GDPv Explain and justify your answer2 marksFrom Chapter 7When Chris Bovaird was young his behaviour and his early formation were managed by his mother At Grandmothers house on Sundays Chris mother would tell him to wash his hands before coming to the dining room table Occasionally when Chris hands werent clean she would send him back to the bathroom saying Those hands are not clean enough Now go back and do it again Which of the four activities which are fundamental to management was Chris mother practicing Explain and justify your answerFrom Chapter 10One of the first businessmen to adopt the Principles of Scientific Management proposed by Frederick Taylor was Henry Ford Ford applied the Principles of Scientific Management at one of his automobile assembly plants In the first six months after the adoption of the Principles of Scientific Management the time it took to manufacture a single Model A Ford fell by 40 per cent However in the next eighteen months productivity decreased and the time it took to manufacture an automobile went back almost to the level it was at prior to the introduction of the Scientific Principles Explain Taylors Principles of Scientific Management and explain why productivity first increased so dramatically and then why it subsequently decreased
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