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Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

MGTA03INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT IFall 2010InClass TestVERSION 1 FamilyGiven Name Name StudentINSTRUCTIONS1On the SCANTRON answer sheetPRINT your family namePRINT your given name PRINT your student number2 On the SCANTRON answer sheetfill in all the appropriate bubbles corresponding to your name fill in all the appropriate bubbles corresponding to your student number3 Instructions 1 and 2 above are an integral part of the examination Failure to comply with these simple instructions causes additional work delay and confusionIf you fail to complete the relevant sections of the SCANTRON sheetcorrectly and fully you will have 5 marks deducted from your grade on this exam4 When recording your answers on the SCANTRON sheet make sure you aUse a pencilbFill in the SCANTRON bubbles neatly and completelycErase any changes as completely as possibledBe very careful to place each answer in the correct space5 You have 45 minutes to write the exam The test consists of 26 multiplechoice questionsGOOD LUCK
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