MGTA04 Textbook Term Definitiions

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Management (MGT)
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Chris Bovaird

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Inwdory Cof,trol IrMsials mrragererr, rcceivjrB*6iIg, hedlitg" md coultirg forll MGTAo4 TqtbooL Terms - @ mddialE, partlfinitlEdgoods,&d itrishedoods Puchairy -Tle &qdsitim of althew flddids and wices lld a cofipaiy reeils pDdEe its Foducts Sfiiee Opeatioro [email protected](fuction a.tivities tlEtld targible md iilangible swiceduds Holdiag Coss - [email protected] erdB sl4rli68orilwdoryonhsrd csds ProdEiiotr Po&ldiotr divities tlEtyieltogible products Lead Tims - Inpurhaing cotrhl the gq)bet{Gm lhecffiorer'spl&ement of m orde! (?ro&Etioa) procGses thattra8fom md therelles shtmeft offfihediE [email protected] TtreBys.6rdt directbn ard contol of tlE $ppli6 totuy tom Meagercflt tNEc6 it{6trishedgoods [email protected] - Findiryed detmining Produtim Mmag6 - MaEgm [email protected] foremuing *m opadim p!*eNs dede [email protected] drd JN-In-Time (JIT) - A rethod ofinErtory cs*sl inwhich ndedals ae &quircd erdtrDttrto pDvide bmefls Prodetion Sydem ploddionFst s thry @ [email protected] oFodiom Prccffi A 8eof mtlEds & tsrrtrotogi*sd intheprcdEdie [email protected] or aswice Matdial Requisrcr, -A method of inrentory co!*rol inch a comp*edzed bill of md6riBls is ArallticProces . - Any prcdrction if, wfucftsEces ae brokm dom Pladirl8(MRP) dsed toegimde [email protected] &eds sothat teswces Ee *quired ed Fil iato - lEcess ps&diotr onlyd rceded Srrtheli.Process - Aay pm(hdiM proc* if, which [email protected]@ [email protected] produd, High-Coilad System A sysem it*hieh t E setriccmot be providEd wiihout tcdlm! being BillofMdaial6 ProdEtion control [email protected] tlBtEifes [email protected] irtspdients oa phFicaty iathesysm (e.9tmit syrtm) the oririf, which theshouldbecmbined md ho$ @ry ofeach ue Low-Cortact Sy$en - A sysem in whichthesepice cm be provided withod tIo8tom being meded to trEke ore batch ph)€ically ithe EyEtem Mmufrduiig Resouce -An adwed vmiotr ofMRp th* tietogdlEi allpdtEof tlE dgmizaiion Forecast E*i&t6 offifue dffEil forbothrew and ui*irg go&rts Plrmtutg(MRP ID iro thecompmy's poddim a.tivitbs - Codrol The mamgemrt of ttE procBs 60I tommrfucttro goods ois4ply Capacity - The8mut of [email protected] tlstaim ce go&r.e aldsr mfirElworkingcorditim Qulity - lEoddion Proces Layod - A aElyof [email protected] ettuiti* sch thdequipmot @d people de swices thd met specificuafty $8dads grcr4€dtog€tlBr&[email protected] tottei{ tmctim Cellulal,ayou UseiltoImdre gooir8wha &rdlts ofpto&rds @ hllow similEflowpdlls Produt Layou! A my oforgmizing prcdEtioa etivili*Mh thd eq8ipmd Ed people ee setq) - to pro(fuorly ore t,1E ofgood PsdEtivity A @a$e of efficiercy tlsa cospdesw ,ruh i8 IrodrceswiththePlwcB - il Assmbly Lif,e - A tl?e ofprodEt layou in whichIpetiEtlyfiltiElteddu mves tlrough a wd tolEodee plarton [email protected] belird'tr equtmEri QBlity -A lrodrd's fitus [email protected] inl€m ofoffedtrg the featuesd colrMs ryd tl-ShapedkodEtim - Produdion layod in whichmochif,eue pleed ins,lamw U th4e rdhq Labou Ps&diviy -P{tialprodudivny Eio @lcdd€d ty dividingrcs d,omesicprodBd by ldal Litr tlm a migtil tire etibd ofwmkm [email protected] A sysm tlBt slloma single frdoryo mralltdches of TotalQu.lity -A @eI, tl* erphsiz6 tk rcdefect8e tolmble md tld all mployeesee (FMS) - Foducgoods lire FodNe MEEeerem (TQM) &[email protected] f, mi*sising qualiry $edard8 S,Etem diffeeil m theffi lEoduction of qualitl4 bow well them of a rcet colffiE' Sot MmufrctuirE - Redeing lDge FMS olEdiore to mrltrsrmE tEEgeat{e grorps of'@hire8 PerfoMe Quality TtD osali d [email protected] Swice Flow - An eElysis that Bhowtheprocess flow that eeftceMy tolNite a reeds md how well theplo&d perfcm Amlysis sNice to cu8tom; itallow mamgen to d*emirc which l),lres e QualityRelisbilny - The comi$my ofqualityftomuit touit 5faFodEl f,ecesSsy Qulity omeflhip - The cotueptthd qu€litbelorys [email protected][email protected] who deatesd dDdtoysitin Maser Prcddiotr Schedole showiflg whichrodwis willbeprcdEe4 rhff will prcdriag a gmd d ewice; the idsathd all worken mEttakereE)otrittilityr - pl&e, lrodrction prcdrirg a quality Schedde take andwhat [email protected] villbeNd Fodtcproceses perfoffie, qualityed Ga{t Clnrt [email protected] *hedule dirg,3lmif,8, tstepsina Foject md speciryingthe Bui#s Procs -Red6igniig otbNiness to imlEow time requiledarffih ReqEire6ing protuciivity PERT Chtrt - Produtim $he&rle speciryiig tlD Eeqlrme md oiticalh forpelfmirg sqrply ChEitr Ftrofofin{osldioq &dedalc nd 8trices thd dds withw rndEialsspplies ttEseF iraprojed [email protected] tltro{gh d&erdagesiaulE oldioc Iroces Btil tleprodd Operdim Cotrol Mmagm lrMitm psduciioaperforme compeiig rests wilh plms reeiE the erddma - @ supply CtBin Prhciple oflookir€d tiBci&ins awhole totrrytrovehe oveEll flow fkoughiE ed $he(hrlee - Follow - Up -(XkckitrgtoelMe thatproductiotr docisioe beif,g implemeded Meagereri (SC1r4) sygem M*erials -Plming, orgeizirg, md codrollitrg tho flow of mderials Iftchaso [email protected]* ilrough [email protected] offid8hedgoods Stedardizdiotr Using saxrsd ed uifom comlDrerts [email protected]@s TBrEportdion Thr @* ofrespoltiig &rouces to the corq)ay &d fnisled totruyffi Smgoodsfor Infotuiofl Mrrsgq The traEger r6positrtefor the a.tivities [email protected], ealyze, md weehoEing -The stor€e ofbdh incomirBmdEids forFo(fudioflsndinishrd - toflakegood decislotr phrliceldisih{iotrto costomm diswinde infoffdion tlEtammpaf,y tr*ds Corpdq-Aided Con4)ild sldem ued to d6jgtrd cqt6l all thfquiprcm [email protected] foi lflfmEtim -An iref,Elopeotiotr thdeftge tiEfrB'r irlmrdim resome8 to supod - [email protected] Masgeoed bBiress [email protected] @d odcoes Meuadwirts (cAM) prcduug Dsta Re frcts ard figues MaEgerent Infomdiof,- Sy6tem thd sryport m 6gaizdi6'E fiEry* by providirE dailtepds, InforyEtion A reeingftl, ueful ifltapte*aaixf d*a SyEtem (MIS) sch€dul6,plans,mdbudgetr tnfomdionsystem Decision SupIE t Cmputer system ced to help [email protected] ateedires whetrmakiat (IS) -drcisiof,trukingoflffilomhgdstai{[email protected] sFtem (DSS) alecisioru ocomplicdedprobbm Exediw Srpport A quick-rcfEercee6y-&c6s of itrfofiEiictrtetr spe.itlly ElectlotrilnfomdioFls E,plicdioffied otrtelecommidioru Ekptrogi6 - 4Plicdiotr Techstrogi6 (EIT) SFEm {ESS) dEsigned for r{)p6-lewl oamgEfi Fu Ma.lde -A mchine ihat cm quic&lytrdsmita copy [email protected] ortBlihicsow Ailiidalldeltig,etr-The comction ard/[email protected] ofcomplieE [email protected] lhougbt telephotrtifts (A1) ImcNeE Voice Mail A csnpd6-b6ed [email protected] for @eivif,g & delivEirg [email protected] cals RobdicB -The @ ofcompner-m&lled ilachircsthd pafomplodMtiontas&s - twissioa ofl€[email protected], iepottsad [email protected] belwem cmlff* Expert sy8tem A fom of artificiielligeee itrhich [email protected] dres e tlErEles e4ed itr a Eledrmfo Msil -ElectImic -givm fielda laid odh diw d a$htion lora (emil) sy$em Ircblfr locdios Eledrcnit -Allom peopleto commid6 sirslta&Ely &om [email protected] locdiom via Cofipuer Network -A fm of comlfftrsyst6m [email protected] it whichcompltffi aiditferent Conferencing telephore,vi&o, q mil grcop sffrc€ cm [email protected] ifireFndedly but de alsoiatercomedeiled ableto excheBe croupwe -A rystem tlEtalbm t*o ormorc indivi&l8ls commicde [email protected] infofindionw*h ore @tltr [email protected] desbop PCB [email protected] -The phyricalco*4$erfs ofa colputE sysem qDic*lyed IrpurDevice Hedre t1d g€18ddaido [email protected] ifa form ofthecofiqma [email protected] Dda Cl)tmwicdi)tr - Global rEtsoik8 ttrdmit um tossndel€dMic messa$s - ffifming ofdr18 ir{onf(ffiim lakespla.e: Network8 eesmically C€lfal [email protected] [email protected] inwhich tlE adnal Iileret -A gigetlietwork of flet*trktid w6 milliffiofcorpl*G oftE infomatim Ud (CPU) cot4aiE theprinEy stoagp uit,tllr mdrcleit,nd thefiltmeticlogicui @ haiaesa scierceand gl]@!t, ard Favid€s colrrruicdion flom mong Msir Memry -TtE pEt of acotpottr'sCPU thd sor6 thos Ircgffi t1d ilreedsto opede moft *ff 170,000 seFde retrorks aoqrd thewfild Progm .- - Any sqrefte of fudetiffi toa coqlutq lntaretsePice A @'[email protected] tlEMirtaitr a [email protected] cmclion totlE i&nd &rdsells OuiputDevice - TH pet ofacorpder's h8dme thd Ireffitsrcsults w6: [email protected] fm ircbdeprideN 8d video motritoG Provider(ISP) tarq)o8ry comeatioG tosubsibG iawh* to do8d how lo do it world Wide Wet - A syBtemsithmivEBily acelted $edadr fo, stodr€,fiievin8, fotmltitE, md Sotwe - Progm tld ifftruttheconpilE [email protected]@ m the idd SyslemPlogm - A trtrogmtlut telascotrpdq [email protected] b re era!8w to e thm Web Sem - Dedicded work6latiom- hrge stpilB - tld ee clsmized for mamging, ApplicdionPsgle -A Irogru tlEtetudly pocesse dria mording b 6 lBrticdtrM"s specificeeds rohl&inhg. md sppming wbsitE cr4)hicalUs$ - Theua-tiedly displaythd helpslr8m eled &m molg ilD mmy posible Brcwea SotMe thd mables a]sl.o @es8 infomd.iotro{ t}E{6b Iderfaee(GUI) q)plicdioN ofthe cotrplner - Icos Smallimages on acor{[ts $tm thdrqresd wioG q)plicdios Directories - Fedres tlEthelppeople find tlE cdfent tlwa, an thweb. The wtr typesil - a Eothatthe keyvfids &tlp dreioryreriwes alist owebsite8withtitl6cottairinglhose [email protected] Endlptim - [email protected] ofaffiot nwic{I codc [email protected] [email protected] itrress.8e, Seach Ergire - SotBe b. Mching *eb pagesthd dos trotpae-clsssitlpiliiloa dircctory relge isrct und6stadable duing tffiri$iotr lnt]et - A c6rpey'B privstretwk lhais ecEsible oaly to [email protected] through Database - A cfifializeqrgaized collectioafrelateddta ebdronic firewalls Wdd-Prccessing - A!'pticaliotrgm that allothPcsf,4Dlerto a.4 sphidicded t)?effiitero Fiw&1l Hudflae ad softme ffiuity syd€m tld e,Me tlEtidefialcofipdersyltem Prcgm $6e, editand pdd lett6 ad nMbes - thd allow tlwr to 6lt6categoriG of(hlaard detemine ue rpt ecessble toodsidet Eledrcni. - ApplicatimItrogru (e g.ptoits) [email protected] -A notworktld altrowortsidm limi€d ecffi toa [m's idernalinf([email protected] sydem SlreadslEets theeftct ofclElg6 inone cdcgdy {e8-sal4) m oth6rcdegories [email protected] - Ploduing luge rclM6 ofprodBd! 6 sryic6, bd givitrNomfi tlE clbicof Ddatdse Mdsgeed -applicdiotrrogffi tlldke€p hEk of andMipulate the ftlowrldataof a ftstlm dd opiom theywat Pr€,3tr bmiresr EileqrbeR€souc6 Cofip*s crd{,Lts - ApplicatimlrogtaG [email protected] Mical ud chsruh datairlopido.ialf()tm (ERP) [email protected]&tivitiesofacmFty'EhEires ProgM Plar8ir€ uits prcglm tlEt offe!hoic6 fur [email protected] graphie fu vi5u.displa}s' Knowlrdg€ workm - Erployees whos jobsinvolw tlEw ofinfoaralioa @d [email protected] a the w Pe€[email protected] C{4hie - Applicalion mdedds oftheir work sotte Blidesvi&o, 4d en $md E ics forprcftsiorBlIreertdiore Tffitim Pmcessiig - Applicatim of infouElisnplm*in8, fm baic dEy-tGday tusines [email protected] De8Lop Plrblshhg - [email protected] word Itrce*i4 ed Eraphicscapobility Fodrcing [email protected] Sysem (IPS) tdfrompem{al6rFdm S)Sem Opediom Peoplesho m acomlEly's €oqrret €quipmetr soirw PiEy - TIE Mr{horized w sfgiwe ruh 6 word procossingmd spr6adtlsets - Mulioedia [email protected] retfidks of.rMuication .I4)lireesMh s frxes'elevisiom, [email protected] - photocopiG thEmy als t linked t ConpdE-Aided Cor4)utd &alysi!&d grehic8 plogm [email protected] Ned tocede rew Irod.d8 Comunicaiion sud equipsed, cellphoreBlriiteN,and D6ign (CAD) Sydem ldelliteithdkt Imote [email protected] Wide [email protected] Notwork - A sydea to lincurpntm erN the courtOr tlEongl&lelhonvir6 or Balare Sheet A tx)e of 6mcia1 sdmil tld wizes afim's fimcial positionon a (wAN) sdellite! pdiculE dde intem of its Nets, [email protected]' equity Local AEs Ndwork A sysem to lireofipdeE in ore builditrorina snEllgeogrryhicalEea by Cffi Assets C6h md othq 6sets tld cm becotrwf,rdhto mh withina (LAN) - cablingorwirelestEltrblogy - )ed LiqEidity The ese urd q)eed with [email protected] lM cm becoNerted to caslu cash sid to b€ Clieil-Selg - A retworkcorqEed oftoth clids (urs) ed sws th$ altrom the clieils perEdly liquid Network to ecesswio6 sryiceswithort codlyad mEessry [email protected] Accods ReceiEble -Amats &re tothefm from custffi wlo hrye pmh$ed goodr 6 eilice8 or Clieit - A poim of etrry ancliett-smr netwotk mdil a fom ofM6t set Swff - A comlilE tlalEoyidesthe seryicesh[ed by aetwork Ees Mqchrdise lrvertdy-TlE coEtof rMch8dise thatha beea &quked for saletocMoltm brt isrtion knd [email protected] krlo(bs fi4)plieonhad edrcfrlaid fu tlepaiodto corc Accorutiig A compehecive sy$em fm collecting, uulyzing, md Fixed Assets -AMs tld he lorg-tem ue or yalreb thefm Mh s latr4buildirgsed - cmicdiitg ftmcial ffihiaery infomaiion DepEcidion Di$ihnirB ile cd of aMjo, mset oH tleye6 in whichiilrcdu6 revrus; Bookkeeping RecordhgecoutingffiticN ca1cu1*ed t'ach suBding theffit's origiaa! vabdivided bythEtrwber Accoming Lx[offiio*Ar orymized procedre fort&diryhg, meMing Ecordirg, elt etainhg ofyem iaits l€e liG Sy$em (AIS) Efficialinfomation& tIEt €t le $ed in lccourting, statmened Foddive [email protected])m8 IntdEibleAssets -Nor-phFtal &sss eh * ldq*s, tB&ffitE, copyrigltqad &ehise Codslld T1eidivi&nl v1o manages allthefrrr's ecou*ingetivities feesthdhar ocorcmic lElm hl vhose Ireciselu isdiffcnltb calculate - Goodwill - The mourt paidfor m exi$intbGiress beyond thevalu of iothtr ssets Filrmial AcoErtiflg - [email protected] whseh| intEded group€ * keg isfo$Ed aiod tlEfmial Cuffit Liabililim - Ary detts owed bytlE fim tld mEt be paidwithitore )eu Slsem conditiotrofffin [email protected] Payatrle Amutts &re&oe tlE fm toitmpplim fm goods ad/or seryiceswch4ed on Meagerial (llmagmeil)-Intefialprccedm thd alef mangffi toproblem ad aid theminplming a1d sedri a fom of cE Bt I'EUlity Accoffiing deciciorraking Chdered Aacoetffi An individral whhas met cedain exlEriercatrdeducalion [email protected]'& Lory-Tm Liatlilry-Any drttr oMpd by iletm tlalae rct dw f6 * lead oe [email protected] (CA) hs pas8eda licemhg emidiio{ Paid-Incapital -Afly additimalf,@y ie*ed ia l}fm by tlEore actss e ou(side&cow'd for olherfm RetairedEmirgs -A company's d profts 1* e$ dividef,dpsymeils tsiareholl* CettifieGmeral - Al individual who hm cmlpldedm edrcation plogm ed lasd adional ero IrEome (kofit-and- - A t)?e [email protected] thd desdibesa 6m's @[email protected] dd expreE ed A.coMd (CGA) wo*r ia pliwe indushy ora CGA fm loEB)Stderefr indicdes whethd thefm [email protected] alrcfid sfrercdalG duing agivef, poriod Cedif ed MaugenE t-An individlal ohoha cortrpldedawimity degreeIEsed adioml exeildim RetrnEs An, mnies received by afim a arooh of [email protected] trsNice or tofl dier Accowtattt(CMA) & cdr4 l€ted taegic [email protected] Fogrel! vo*s iaitr&r$ry & folJlM on ideoal - mesgeBst ecMint $ECeS ffh I iileft$,rcfi,d [email protected] Audit An rccoEtai's exminalion of acomluy's finmial Cost [email protected] Sotrd - [email protected] didly [email protected],}cd ingodeill€ otsllir€ a [email protected] orwi.e d6ir€ a recordstodetsrnie ifit givm time p6iod @d !rcp{ trrocedws totrxelm ih f{eial rports Gross ProfitGrss MdgitrF A fi[['s&vmus (grcsrrales) lessscos ofgoods sld Fomic -An &coMd who treb dom hiddeaisds ittruitrffi fi.ururlly &pst of a OperatingExpeNs Co*E itrmed by &fm otlH ttm thoEeincludeditr coof goodEsold Accodaf eiain liale$Ealion Op{ding LEom - [email protected] thEgross pofltftom busircs opddjo6 agah$ opudirg expeffieg [email protected] Accepted -(GAAP);{ds ruis md mttods wd by rccow(ets h p(eperingfimia1 - AccournifigPdrciples rcpods Net IrEorc (retgofii-A fm's grcssp6fitlessilsopMirq exFffi8 &rdircorc tdes Maagercrt Comlting-Speirlized &sMirg Eefticeto or reemiflgs) help nBiEgeftffilt a wiety ofFoblem in Stteme{ of C*h A [email protected] [email protected] tllddMibes a fir's [email protected] of cdhduiig Sesices finece,po&rctirx sledulia& ad otlEras Flom agiv4pEiod PrivdeA.cdd -Anecomtedhied6asaldiedmployeEtodealwirhacompany'sday-to-day Budgd A detEled fmcial pl& Io,edimated ,eceiptud [email protected] for. p6iod ecomfug reeds oftinein thefitEe,usuallyoreyed Aset Anythitrg of ecof,oube [email protected] by afm orif,dividDal Liabilily Any dettowed by a fim ot iadividlzl oahft Solvacy Ratios Rdios tld estiMe [email protected] dsk tlEt iwideilin acomlmy [email protected]' Eq[ny Ary di$eetue bdwera ProfrabililyRdios [email protected]'[email protected]@[email protected] lbsitive t e'r @t! 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Emings Per Shde A fom ofproftobilitratio calflrlaseret ircome divedby theflmbei of obsmiiotr resereh tecnniqrireiving viewtug ordheffiire mnilodr€ co,rsmq - - A [email protected] comotr shues outstadirg buyingpaltm SlMy - A ,ffiket eeach techniqB boed oa qrestiof,ina ftIEesd*ive wple of colr8lmn aboutInehsitrg diitudeEard pdices Fom Group - A nBrtet rcreach techniqE involving mufl group ofpeople brought d]er ard Meketing -PlaminS anderecming tIE dewlopmed, pdcing, prcmtioL [email protected] of allowedto [email protected]$ *lected i!*s in depth ide$, gsds, ard si$ tocMe exchutses that sdisry both [email protected] sell6' Experi*ertstb{ AMket [email protected] tqhnique inwhich there&tioru of similE ae comlEed objectiws - ?eople Makltittg [email protected] The idea thsthe whole 6rm [email protected] preed
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