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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGT)
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Management Lecture 1 MGTA04 Outline: Midterm (3-4 short answers) and a Final Test (4-5 short answers) Slide 1; Managing production (of goods) in a business; how to do it? How to accomplish? What is the real role of management throughout this whole thing? The Production Process -Backing Bread: -Raw materials- flour, oil, salt, yeast -Equipment- Bread pans, oven -Timing- Time in oven, cooling -Packaging- getting the bread ready to ship -Shipping-sending the bread to the customer All steps need to be managed; If making best yeast of steps we want to minimize the time, dont waste time; minimize the steps we have to go though and increase the through-put, dont want the oven sitting ideal, we want to sell as much bread as we can make, we want to make as much bread as equipment can produce. That is why business Management is important. Best use of about, best use of labour (finance). Operations Management -Systematic direction and control -That transforms resources -Into finished goods and services
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