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Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

Management lecture 2 Increasing Productivity -Managing to Increase Productivity -Increasing quality in the product-Total Quality Management -Focus on customer Value -Increase performance quality of products -Increase reliability of products -Have workers take ownership for quality -Monitor quality and feedback results -People buy goods for their price rather than how which is better. If product is exactly the same why not buy the cheaper product? For example CDs. Quality is the same. Delivering a product of what the client expects, for the price customers are paying. Quality stays at what is or above price. Quality varies by country. Expectation is different depending on what market you are selling it to. Managing to Increase Productivity -Process Re-engineering -Rethink each step in the production process -Improve efficiency, cost, and quality by changing all that needs to be changed -Requires delicate balance in moving to a new process design Quality- meeting for surpassing customer expectations -Text: fitness for use in terms of offering -Book: offering features consumers wants -Notes: neither definition mentions fancy
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