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Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

MGTB90 Modules 113Why Do We CommunicateInnate need to make meaning Identify and express ourselves to get work done to gain recognition Take the time to consider consciously what results we want Adapt out message content tone and style to meet the needs of our audience Best Business CommunicationAs efficient as possible Internal audiencesubordinates superiors peersExternal audiencepeople outside the organization customers suppliers unions stockholders potential employees government agencies the press public What Communications Skills Are Integral to Business SuccessListening reading speaking writing Informal and formal Build goodwill with the reader Form letter prewritten fillintheblanks letter designed to fit only routine situations How Much Does Correspondence CostVery expensive cost more when it doesnt work Poor writing takes more time to read and interpret Requires more time for revisions Confuses and irritates the reader Delays action while the reader request more info or tires to figure out the meaning Damage business relationships What Makes a Message Effective The Benefits of Becoming a Better Writer ClearSaves time Concise Saves money Comprehensive Saves energyComplete Builds goodwill Correct Analyze Business Communication SituationPAIBOC Whats the point Purpose Whats my purpose Audience Whos my audienceInformation Where will the communication happenBenefitsWhen will the communication happen ObjectionsContext Who Is My AudienceInitial audiencereceives the message first Primary audiencemake decision to act on your messageSecondary audiencecomment on message or implement ideasGatekeeperpower to stop the message before to primary audience
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