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Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

In SummaryExam FocusUnit TWOCreating GoodwillUnit THREELetters Memos and email Unit FIVEInterpersonal CommunicationsUnit SIXResearch Reports and VisualsHBR ReadingsPersuasion and StorytellingInterviewingTutorial exercisesCase AnalysisUnit 1Building Effective MessagesModule 1Intro to Business CommunicationsAn effective message isclear concise comprehensive complete and correctBenefits of becoming a better writerGood writing saves time saves money saves energy builds goodwillPWhat are you purposes in writingAWho is your audience How do members of your audience differ What audience characteristics are relevant to this particular messageIWhat information must your message includeBWhat reasons or reader benefits can you use to support your positionOWhat objections can you expect your readers to have What negative elements of your message must you deemphasize or overcomeCHow will the context affect the readers reasons Think about your relationship to the reader the morale in the organization the economy the time of year and any special circumstancesModule 2Adapting your message to your audience 5 kinds of audiencesInitial audiencefirst to receive the message may be the one who assigned messageGatekeeperhas the power to stop the message before it gets to primary audiencePrimary audiencedecides whether to accept recommendations acts on messageSecondary audiencecomments on message or implements recommendationsWatchdoghas political social or economic power may base future actions on evaluation of messageThe communication process stimulussendermessage encodedchannelmethod of message transmission face to face or emailreceiver decodesfeedback response with noise influence every part of the processAudience analysis Prior knowledge of your topicremind audience of relevant facts as you knowDemographic factorsage gender religion educationpersonality IEsource of ones energy SNhow someone gathers information TFhow someone makes decisions JPthe degree of certainty someone needsvalues and beliefspsychographic characteristics are qualitativepast behaviourDiscourse communitya group of people who share assumptions about what channels formats and styles to use what topics to discuss and how to discuss them and what constitutes evidenceCulturevalues attitudes and philosophiesOrganizationalcorporate cultureis revealed verbally in the organizations myths stories and heroes and nonverbally in the allocation of space money and powerUnit 2Creating Goodwill p104Module 6YouAttitudeYouattitudeis a way of thinking that looks at the situation from the audiences POVrespects the audiences intelligenceprotects the audiences egoemphasizes what the audience wants to knowand it makes it easy for your audience to do what you wantTo create youattitudetalk about the reader not about yourselfavoid talking about feelings except to congratulate or offer sympathyuse you more often than I in positive situations use we when it includes the readeravoid you in negative situationModule 7Positive Emphasispositive emphasis is part of creating good willwhen the message is bad news be clear sensitive and ethicalto create positive emphasis deemphasize or omit negative words and infooavoid negative words and words with negative connotationsofocus on what the reader can do rather than on limitationsojustify negative info by giving a reason or linking it to a reader benefitoomit the negative if it is unimportantoput the negative information in the middle and present it compactlybest way to apologize early briefly and sincerelyModule 8Reader BenefitsReader benefits sell ideas products and services gives reason to comply with the policies you announce and suggest provide reasons to actthey are benefits or advantages that the reader gets from using your services buying your products following your policies or adopting your ideasThe best reader benefits areadapted specifically to the audiencebased on intrinsic advantagessupported clearly and comprehensivelyphrased in youattitudeReader benefits work bc it appeals to the audiences attitudes and actions easier to accomplish your goals expectancy theorymost people try to do their best only when they believe they can succeed and when they want the rewards that success brings
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