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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGT)
J Howard

Chapter 1Understanding the Eight types of Business Presentations10 tips for team leaders1Prepare with the audience in mind6Use a variety of learning tools2Have reasonable objectives7Present information in small chunks 3Arrive early to set up the room get out giving opportunities for questionsmaterials and welcome attendees8Adhere to time constraints4Define objectives agenda and ground 9Keep things movingrules10Draw conclusions and create action5Use a variety of learning opportunities making the event as experiential as possibleTeam PresentationsTeam leader responsibility to organize speakers assign parts and oversee all presentationsExpected to keep things moving before during and after presentationsWhen determining parts of a presentation think ofoHow much time do you have for each partoWhat should be the order of the materialoWho are the strongweak presentersoShould sum up and lead QA sessionoPrepare rehearse and reviseAvoid appearing disorganizedMake sure the transition is smooth between speakersAvoid poor timingTips for videoconferencingSize counts small geographically disbursed group is betterHave back up plan if things malfunctionMake proper introductionsEstablish facilitator to run meeting make sure agenda is followed they will also make opening and closing remarksWatch the remote locations focus on the person that is speaking not yourselfPay attention to grooming avoid checks and plaids and overly bright coloursShow consideration for others no need to shout wait for other person to finish before speaking since there is delayChapter 2Getting to know your PAL Purpose Audience and LogisticsPurpose Telling and Selling 3 types of PurposesInformative persuasive or special occasion1Informative SpeechTo share info with others2Persuasive Speechused to generate action by the audience or to influence behaviour3 approaches logical approach feeling and emotion or the speakers credibility to appeal to an audience3Special Occasion Presentationsie welcome introductory acceptance or exit speechAudience in PALDevelop an audience profilelook at demographics psychographics attitudes learning styles and identification of the decision makersDemographicsgender andof each age ranges income levels education where do they live occupation socioeconomics group and marital statusPsychographicswhat do they think about your topic is it new to them have they attended similar presentations what are their hopes aspirations dreams goals what are their interests are they politically active have they supported causes like yours before are they openmindedIdentifying decision makersgoal capture a positive reaction from decision maker avoid addressing comments to or looking primarily at the decision maker WIIFM Whats In It for MeAll the audience have their own agenda they want something from the speakerLogistics in PALWhentime of presentation who speaks beforeafter how much timeWherelocation size of room how it will be set up equipmentWhowho will be there how many who else is presentingtheir topicshow longHowhow will be presenting how much time do you have time for QAChapter 3Organizing your PresentationThe 12 Steps of Organization1Select the Topicmake sure appropriate for audience follow PAL2Limit the topic to one central themebest to say a lot about a little3Gather the Informationinclude more than just facts and figures include quotes humour stories analogies visual aids4Choose a method of organizationdepend on the type of presentation5Outline your main points s use 35 main points in the body of your speech to support central theme6Collect supporting dataenhance key points with secondary info to help audience retain info7Check for accuracyreview previous points to make sure you have limited the topic and developed main points verify info8Design the introductionshould be catchy and tells the listener WIIFT include a grabberhook9Write a strong conclusionrefer to your intro review key points or deliver a call to action make it memorable10 Put together a final draftuse an outline11 Practice your presentationfor 36 times12 Practice your presentation again and againuntil its perfectThe outlineA planning tool to make sure nothing is left out will give shape and form to presentation guide you through the process of developing an effective presentation outline speech instead of writing it word for word will give you the freedom to make changesUse phrase outline or short sentence methodPhrases long enough to remind you of what to say and short enough so your attention will be on the audience and not on the outlineThe opening and closing should be written outTransitions necessary to prevent gaps between you and listenersUse transition sentences between your review of main points and your final statement3 main parts of presentation intro body and conclusionIntro sets the tone for the entire presentation and chance to grab audiences attentionIntro is 1015 of presentation if 30 mins should be about 3 minsBody is organized to deliver message inform or to persuadeBody use 305 main points supporting them with data and using transitions to connect material should write out transitionsBody constitutes 7080 of presentationConclusion is 510 of presentation this is the last thing the audience will hear and possibly remember review main points and give a strong call to actionTransitions are short remarks that will move you from intro to body and to conclusion and to move from point to pointTransitional phrases should be written outPresentations sometimes run longer than expected have must should and could know sections and colour code them and use them to cut presentations when neededIntroductionsets the tone for what is to come should serve 4 purposes1 get the audiences attention2 establish WIIFTdont take long to get to this point
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