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A+ Notes: Summary of all Class Handouts (Required for Midterm)

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Management (MGT)
J Howard

Elements of Superior SpeakingOur voice is intended to convey ideas convictions intentions passions affectionsMajor blockslack of confidenceperformance anxietyfear of making mistakesfear of being judgeduncertainty about contentanxiety about accent or vocabcomfort zoneyour place in which you have learned to feel comfortablelearned as a result of upbringing must make choice to break out of comfort zoneThe process of speaking each sound is a result ofyour power or vibrationbreathvibration vocal cordsamplification cavities of bodyarticulationmouth tongue teeth lipsWork on the following areasHUSEDHto be heardUto be understoodSto be simple and honestEto be expressiveDto be dynamic1HUSED2voice projectiondiaphragm presenceprojection3eye contact4energypassion5body languageavoid pacing6pausewpe7practice talking off the top of your headvolumeloudnesssoftnesspitchhighnesslownesstonemoods and textures of voice harsh sarcasm sincere etcGesturing DONT point pump fiddle the saint hands folded in frontPausesWhy sink in imprt pts relax mentally take deep breathHow Long a swallow 2 secallows soothing of vocal cordsbetter voice qualityWhen before and after imprt ptsend of each major sectionafter significant or diffidult namestermsafter importance statement or call to actionHow often not too much
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