MGHB02H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Reinforcement, Expectancy Theory, Gelting

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16 Jan 2011

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Previously discussed that people"s personality can influence their work attitudes and behaviours. How- ever, people"s experiences and the work environment also have a strong effect on attitudes and behav- iour. Learning: a relatively permanent change in behaviour potential that occurs due to practice or experience. Learning theories - how people learn in organizations. Operant learning theory: learning by which the subject learns to operate on the environment to achieve certain consequences: remember, rat in a box experiment. The rat learned to operate the lever to achieve food, thus be- haviour was controlled by the consequences that follow it. One of the most important consequences that influence behaviour is reinforcement. Reinforcement: the process by which stimuli strengthen behaviours. A reinforcer is a stimulus that fol- lows some behaviour and increases or maintains the probability of that behaviour. Types of reinforcements: positive reinforcement: the application or addition of a stimulus that increases or maintains the probability of some behaviour.

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