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20 Nov 2018

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Human nature is: infinitely flexible and reflecting the changing cultural, economic and historical conditions that surround it. Infinite human malleability: belief that organizations can and should be structured in any way that makes financial sense, regardless of the wishes of the employees who can adapt to virtually any structure. Disadvantage: infinite human malleability is wrong; human nature has a stable core that reflects the fact that humankind is old species. Evaluating the effectiveness of executive education programs designed to enhance self-knowledge. Motive (intentions) : refers to intentions; for example, people who are committed to a program of action (who intend to follow it) are said to be motivated. Moti(cid:448)e (cid:894)(cid:271)iologi(cid:272)al d(cid:396)i(cid:448)es(cid:895): (cid:396)efe(cid:396)s to (cid:271)iologi(cid:272)al (cid:374)eeds; fo(cid:396) e(cid:454)a(cid:373)ple, i(cid:374) maslo(cid:449)"s s(cid:455)ste(cid:373), people are motivated by certain needs and the relevant need depends on which of the ones are already satisfied. Competency: is a performance capability that distinguishes effective from ineffective managers.

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