MGHD27H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Nominal Group Technique, Chat Room, Phase 2

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7 Oct 2013

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Group consists of two or more people interacting interdependently to achieve a common goal; influence on others manager and employee. Informal groups emerge naturally in response to common interest of organizational members. Forming storming norming performing adjourning. Punctuated equilibrium model a model of group development of how groups with deadline are affected by their first and crucial midpoint transitions. Phase 1 first meeting to midpoint; agenda of task + little progress. Midpoint transition show progress + change and begins phase 2. Phase 2 adopt decisions from phase 2 and conclude with an activitiful final meeting. Group structure characteristics of the stable organization of a group; eg. size, diversit, roles. Larger group = less satisfaction, less friendship and more conflict. Additive: depends on the sum of the performance of individual group members; bigger groups is better. Disjunctive tasks dependent on the best group member; increase with size. Conjunctive limited by the poorest group member; smaller groups.

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