MGHD27H3 : Glossary of Terms

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18 Apr 2011

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A conflict management style in which one cooperates with the other party, while not asserting one"s own interests. A technique for improving the accuracy of information reception by paying close attention to the sender. The propensity for actors and observers to view the causes of the actor"s behaviour differently. Tasks in which group performance is dependent on the sum of the performance of individual group members. The generation, aggregation, storage, modification, and speedy transmission of information made possible by the advent of computers and related devices. Commitment based on identification and involvement with an organization. The inadequate adjustment of subsequent estimates from an initial estimate that serves as an anchor. A fairly stable evaluative tendency to respond consistently to some specific object, situation, person, or category of people. The process by which causes or motives are assigned to explain people"s behaviour. The freedom to schedule one"s own work activities and decide work procedures.

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