MGHD27H3 Study Guide - Teleconference

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What is communication: communication- the process by which info is exchanged b/t a sender and a receiver. The simplest prototype for interpersonal communication is one-on-one exchange b/t two individuals: encoding and decoding prone to much error when the msg is inherently ambiguous or emotional. Effective communication-the right ppl receive the right info in a timely manner. Communication by strict chain of command: chain of command- lines of authority and formal reporting relationships, downward communication-info that flows from the top of the organization towards the bottom o. Vp instruct manager to start manufacture new product, manager then tells supervisor, who tells workers: upward communication-info that flows from the bottom of the organization toward the top o. Engineer want to use a new formula, pass on info to the manager, who pass into to. Vp: horizontal communication-info that flows b/t departments or functional units, usually as a.