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MGMA01H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Noam Chomsky, Vladimir Propp, New Criticism

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Sam J Maglio
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The Encoding/Decoding Model
- Encoding creating media messages
- Decoding interpreting media messages
- “tuart Halls’ Ecodig/Decodig Model
- Meaning is made in the shared field of social institutions and knowledge, or culture in
which media operates
- The ways that each media producer and consumer experiences and draws on this larger
social milieu are not the same
- Thee larger social milieu does however provide a common field of referents for people
to draw on and to make meaning from it
- Broad political and economic processes contextualize how the process of media
production is undertaken
- Institutional or organizational context within which media messages are created we
might consider the ways in which organizational mandates or imperatives frame what
media organizations do
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