MGMC01H3 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: General Idea, Likert Scale

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Published on 29 Mar 2015
Case 6 – The Juice Guys BY: Alyssa Karpouzis 999120179
The Juice Guys is a relatively new company and they are trying to figure out what type of
consumers they would expect to have when they open up a new franchise in the Boston area. As
noted by experts, they need to adapt their products based on the consumers preference. When
discovering what groups of people would be their main customers and what they would like, the
researchers used one on one interviews to answer both of these questions. The market research
technique that was used (one on one interview) was not as effective as other methods. When
performing the qualitative research study, focus groups would have worked better because not
only will it save time and money, but more ideas could have been discovered. When designing a
questionnaire, there are a lot of things to consider and the most important thing is to ensure that
bias is reduced as much as possible. Hence, when asking questions, the questions need to be
structured in a way that makes the questions neutral. Researchers need to be cautious and ensure
that they are not asking questions in a way that makes people answer a certain way. A scale that
should be used when having a questionnaire being distributed to people that live in the Boston
region is a Likert scale as it is a neutral scale that reduces bias. A good thing about the questions
being asked by the researchers is that they are very open ended where there is minimal bias in
some of the questions such as “if you walk into Juice Guys what do you see.” However, some
questions should be a lot more direct so then the overlying question about what consumers in the
Boston area like can be answered.
When designing the questionnaire, there are a lot of things that the researcher must look at and
take into account such as what are they trying to figure out, what type of questionnaire should be
used, how it should be given, how will the question be structured, what is the sequence of the
questions, etc. All of these questions should be taken into account when designing a
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