MGMC30H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Jargon, Fidgeting, Marketing Mix

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Sponsorships at one point only looked at what the organization wanted to donated their dollars towards, what their employees were akin to supporting. Later it developed into a movement towards rationalizing the investment and more emphasis on roi. There was a weighting between the increase opportunities and the costs associated with it. There were measures in place to determine whether something was effective or not. Focus on strategic investments versus the competitive response. Considered donations based on emotions and interests of the decision makers of the company. Time of the recession, more people concerned with the idea of roi. More sponsorship links to marketing and promotions, different mindset started settling in. Sponsorships were viewed as opportunities to advertise and promote products and services. Competition between stakeholders and sponsors, both have an investment into the event and now the organizers have to balance the demands from both parties.

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