MGMC30H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Swot Analysis

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History of corporate sponsorship (5: sponsors began to rationalize their investments, emphasis was placed on roi (return on investment) 3: discussed effectiveness of sponsorships does it work, strategic investments versus competitive response. Distinct characteristics (4: philanthropic the altruistic effort to increase well-being of mankind, small number of events, tight budget for donations, choices of sponsoring were based purely on emotions and personal interest. Distinct characteristics (5: there was recession so greater emphasis on roi, sponsorships began linking to marketing and promotions, began to integrate advertising, pr and sales promos. 4: sponsorships mainly dealt with sports, social cause marketing, arts, Distinct characteristics (3: continued budget cuts, competition increased between sponsors and stakeholders, confusion between whether government involvement was actually an interference www. notesolution. com. Distinct characteristics (5: began to target markets, roi became paramount and measurable, opportunities increased, goals: numbers, target market, roi, new laws took effect.

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