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8 Feb 2011
Ethics Notes after midterm
Equality is freedom from adverse discrimination
Equality is thus a process of constant and flexible examination of vigilant introspection
and of aggressive open-mindedness
Most concentrate on the best way to rectify the impact of the past
Equality in employment means that no one is denied opportunities for reasons that have
nothing to do with inherent ability.
Discrimination means that an arbitrary barrier stands between a person`s ability and his
or her opportunity to demonstrate it.
Affirmative Action
Having a workforce that reflects the general population. Hiring visible minorities who have
been disadvantaged when all the merits for the job are the same.
Trying to repay women and people of colour in the past by diversifying workforce today.
Stark Notes
Some urban Police Departments view it as part of job application to be black to reflect the
population in that area because they can do a better job and it is safer for them. Because
they have been through what the young blacks have and the young blacks can relate to
them more.
Allen Backman, white male denied admission to Stanford medical he thought he was
qualified but they gave the position to a person of colour who wasnt as qualified as he was.
Said we value Affirmative Action more than providing best doctors. This policy will lead to
Q: should affirmative action not be used for doctors
Purpose of Employment Equity
Approach based on individual instead of group remedies.
Remedial measures of a systemic and systemic kind are the object of employment equity
and affirmative action. They are meant to improve the situation for the individual who by
virtue of belonging to and being identifies with a particular group, find themselves unfairly
and adversely affected by certain system or practices.
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Systemic remedies are a response to patterns of discrimination that have two basic
a)A disparately negative impact that flows from the structure of systems designed
for a homogeneous constituency; and
b)A disparately negative impact that flows from practices based on stereotypical
characteristics ascribed to the group of which he or she is a member of
Reasonable consumer standard protects reasonable consumers.
Initial definitions
Discrimination requires three terms:
1.The discriminator
2.The discriminatee
3.The parties who have been favoured in comparison beneficiaries
Penalties can only be imposed upon conviction firm can make a lot of money while case is
in trial.
A bribe is a payment of money (or something of value) to another person in exchange for his
giving one special consideration that is incompatible with the duties of his office, position or
Stark Notes
Mercury in the environment case they polluted and aboriginals got sick as they depended
on the environment to live. Mercury accumulated in brain and the cause can only be found
after autopsy is conducted.
Drydens view- they had a license to pollute. They were not aware of consequences.
Symptoms of mercury poisoning were also symptoms of other problems so they cant relate
deaths back to that.
Aboriginals view negative health affects only surfaced after Dryden arrived in the area.
Dryden should take responsibility. Being ethical heads off the law. Cant say they didnt
know harmful effects.
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