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Equality in employment means that no one is denied opportunities for reasons that have nothing to do with inherent ability. Discrimination an arbitrary barrier stands between a person"s ability and his or her opportunity to demonstrate it. Practices or attitudes that have the effect of limiting an individual"s or group"s right to the opportunities generally available because of attributed rather than actual characteristics. Equality: treating everyone the same may offend the notion of equality. Ignoring differences and refusing to accommodate them is a denial of equal access and opportunity. Society"s disadvantages are assumed by 4 groups: native people, visible minorities, disabled persons, women. Woman = revised approach to the role women play in the workforce. Adequate language training, counseling to teach and assist them to adjust to canadian culture. Disabled person = full accommodation and widest range of human and technical supports. Achievement of equality double edged approach: 1st concerns those pre employment conditions that affect access to employment.

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