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Big 5 Personality Dimensions

Management (MGS)
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Phani Radhakrishnan

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Openness to Experience
- A dimension of cognitive style that distinguishes imaginative, creative people from down
to earth conventional people
- Openness is often presented as healthier or mature by psychologists
- Openness Facets include: (1) Imagination, (2) Artistic Interests, (3) Emotionality, (4)
Adventurousness, (5) Intellect, (6) Liberalism
- Conscientiousness concerns the way in which we control, regulate, and direct our
- People who score high on Conscientiousness are perceived by others as intelligent
- Conscientious individuals avoid trouble and achieve high levels of success through
purposeful planning and persistence. They are also seen as intelligent and reliable by
others. However, they can be compulsive perfectionists and workaholics, and seen as
stuffy and boring
- Unconscientious people may be criticized for being unreliable, lack of ambition, and
failure to stay within the lines, but they will experience many short lived pleasures
- Conscientiousness Facets include: (1) Self Efficacy, (2) Orderliness, (3) Dutifulness, (4)
Achievement Striving (5) Self Discipline (6) Cautiousness
- Extraverts enjoy being with people, are full of energy, and often experience positive
- Introverts lack exuberance, energy, and activity levels of extraverts. They tend to be
quiet, low key, deliberate, and disengaged from the social world
- Extraversion Facets include: (1) Friendliness, (2) Gregariousness, (3) Assertiveness, (4)
Activity Level, (5) Excitement Seeking, (6) Cheerfulness
- Agreeable individuals value getting along with others. They are considerate, friendly,
generous, helpful, and willing to compromise their interests with others. They also have
an optimistic view of human nature
- Disagreeable individuals place self interest above getting along with others. Sometimes
their scepticism about others motives cause them to be suspicious, unfriendly, and
- Agreeable Facets include: (1) Trust, (2) Morality, (3) Altruism, (4) Cooperation, (5)
Modesty, (6) Sympathy
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