The Manager's Job

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24 Jan 2011
- Managers usually say they plan, organize, coordinate, and control. However, this article
will be introducing a more supportable and useful description of managerial work
Facts of Managerial Work
- Managers work at an unrelenting pace. Their activities are characterized by brevity,
variety, and discontinuity, and they are strongly oriented to action and dislike reflective
- Managerial work involves performing a number of regular duties, including ritual and
ceremony, negotiations, and processing of soft information that links the organization
with its environment
- Managers strongly favour verbal media, telephone calls and meetings, over documents
- The managers programs ± to schedule time, process information, make decisions, and so
on ± remain locked deep inside their brains
Interpersonal Roles
- Three of the managers roles arise directly from formal authority and involve basic
interpersonal relationships:
o The figurehead role Æ every manager must perform ceremonial duties
o The leader role Æ managers are responsible for the work of the people of their
o The liaison role Æ the manager makes contacts outside the vertical chain of
Informational Roles
- The manager emerges as the nerve centre of the organizational unit because of their
interpersonal contacts
- Processing information is a key part of the managers job
- Three roles of the manager include:
o A monitor Æ the manager is continuously scanning the environment for
information, interrogating liaison contacts and subordinates, and receiving
unsolicited information, much of it as a result of the network of personal contacts
o The disseminator role Æ the manager passes some privileged information directly
to subordinates, who would otherwise have no access to it.
o The spokesperson role Æ the manager sends some information to people outside
the unit
Decisional Roles
- The manager plays the major role in the units decision making system
- Four roles describe the manager as a decision maker
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