MGTA01H3 Study Guide - Smoking Cessation, Fide, Canada Pension Plan

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MGTA01H3 Full Course Notes
MGTA01H3 Full Course Notes
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Replacement charts: an hr technique that lists each important managerial postion, who occupies it, how long he/she will probably stay in it before moving on, and who is now qualified or soon will be qualified to move into it. Internal recruiting- considering present employees for job openings. N promotions help build self-confidence and keeps high quality employees from leaving. External recruiting- attracting people outside the organization to apply for jobs. N newspaper ads are often used because they reach a wider audience and allow minorities equal opportunity. Internships- a short-term paid position where a university/college student focuses on a specific project. Tests- used to test ability, skill aptitude or knowledge relevant to the job. Tests should be a valid predictor of performance. Interviews- popular but it is sometimes bias because people judge others on the first meeting, also applicants are becoming clever and giving all the right answers therefore interviewers will use curveball questions to better assess the applicant.