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4 Apr 2011

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Level one: data processing
Level two: information processing
Level three: information within businesses
Types of Information Systems
-strategic Management systems
-Knowledge systems that help make the business more effective
-Systems that help managers develop high-level strategies for the business
-Systems that help the business adapt better to its wider environment
-ways of using knowledge inside the business to enhance the business not using data or
information but embedding knowledge in the business its self so it can act more effectively.
-These are just starting, as knowledge management is a new discipline
-Simulation systems that allow managers to play with the business in the
computer-systems for learning, testing new ideas
-simulation system is like a play world you figure out what the key factors of your world are
and then you program with them in your computer and (run your computer) you play with
them playing with the world for example the oil market changed the price of oil if price
tripled and they play out different scenarios. In 1973 the oil producing countries decided
they were being very underpaid for their old and would not sell oil at current price they
tripled and insure the price stays up they cut the supply. Shell oil company said they ran
that scenario, so they checked in their play world, they said this works in the play world
lets see if it works in the real world, and it did work in the real world. 980 news has a
wether guarantee they say that theyll tell you what maximum temp is going to be that day
and if it is 3 degrees within that then they add 100 dollars to the file. Then someone wins
the jack pot and then they start all over again theyre getting better at it. Simulations are a
better way with playing with a market, can play game as many times as you want instead
of doing it for the first time in the real world. See which outcomes are better and which are
-blood test what comes back are numbers based what you have whats wrong with you and
etc,. Made a program to recognize these things and it was right with 50% of the cases and
wrong with the other 50% of the cases. The doctors were about 30%. BLOOD DIEASES
HARD TO diagnose.. Program is 50% better than the doctors, doctors get them right one
third of the time.
-Components of information systems
-storing information
-Retrieving information
-Moving information
-Processing information
-Storing information everything is digital
-Databases-structured collections of information, such as form
-text bases
-picture, diagrams
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