MGTA35H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Hasty Generalization, Uptodate, Syllogism

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1 Jan 2016

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Fundamental principles of persuasion (by robert cialdini: the principle of liking, the principle of reciprocity, the principle of social proof, the principle of consistency, the principle of authority, the principle of scarcity. Laurence barton defines an organizational crisis as a major, catastrophic event that has potentially negative results. Image restoration messages include communiques that explain the incident but do so in such a way that the organization"s image is maintained or improved. Types of crises: natural disasters, technological breakdown, workplace violence, rumours, human breakdown. Emergency response communication guidelines: initial event (action prescriptions, uncertainty reduction, and reassurance, maintenance (ongoing action prescriptions, uncertainty reduction, and reassurance, resolution and evaluation (updates regarding resolution, complete understanding of causes of the crisis, and lessons learned. Use multiple strategies in concert with one another. Support all strategies with strong reasoning and evidence. Exercise visible leadership from the highest executives. Identify the target audience and select strategies accordingly: different audiences are categorized as:

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