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MGTA36H3 Midterm: A36 Handout Notes.docx

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J Howard
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A36 Handout Notes
Learn to speak with Confidence & intention
Contact him by telephone
oLeave name, clear message, a number & time we can be contacted
Goals & objectives
oIdentify the communication process
oUnderstand verbal communication is LEARNED
oCreate a safe & confortable class environment
oUnderstand & implement the dynamics of group work
oIntroduce a common set of factos that improve speaking with confidence
oFoster risk taking
o5-8 sec
omust be interesting to the audience
obe thoughtful and creative
o10 seconds to prepare
o3 key words

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oeach point should be 30 seconds
oFinal thoughts
oReinforce what you said in your introduction
If you forget
oRemember: who, what, when, where, why
Class 1 Sheet
Do what you can & it will evolve into your best
Learning to speak with confidence and intention is a skill
It takes time, work & practice x2
Goal is to increase your confidence & find your voice
Find your unique personality through your voice & intention
What makes a Great speech?

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Major Failings in Business Presentations
Including a lot of info (data dumps) that the audience loses interest
The presenter isn’t well prepared
oAt least an outline is needed if you do not need to research the topic, an opening and
transitional phrases
A proper audience analysis is not done
oNeed to know who is in the audience and what their motivation is
The presenter is too dependent on notes
oThe audience can sense when they don’t know the topic cold
oBetter to present visuals than to read notes of lists and figures
Leaving too many questions unanswered
oTells the audience that you don’t know enough about your subject
Going on for too long
oBreak up a lengthily presentation, offering the audience a break
The room is not well set up
oWalk around during the presentation to make sure everyone sees and hears you
Not ending with a strong call to action or drawing conclusions for the audience
oMake sure the audience remembers the points you made by restating them
Stage fright & broadys basics & ways to deal with symptoms of stage fright
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