VPMA93H3 Quiz: VPMA93 Listening Pieces for both quizzes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Music and Culture
Rosanne King

Name of piece Lecture Slide Joseph Kosma, Autumn Idiophones with definite pitch Leaves (1945) Vibraphone resonator, damper Jean Ritchie, Shady Grove Chordophone sound is produced by a vibrating Appalachian dulcimera plucked string activated by striking, plucking, or bowing zither found chiefly in the Applachian Dulcimer quill to pluck the string; Appalachian Mountains; it is held drone strings horizontally the players lap and strummed with a quill or the thumb of the right hand; the string nearest the player is the melody string and is stopped either with a finger or a wooden bar; the remaining strings are drones Franois Couperin, Les Piano when you press a key, the wood lifts up, Baricades Mistrieuses takes the damper (for single actuation) to (17161717) hammer the string, then comes back down to stop it from ringing Harpsichord plucked string, vs struck string by a piano hammer Lecture 2 (harpsichord): range narrow contour undulating motion both disjunct and conjunct ornamentation trill at 0:42 motive Ornamentation trills heavily used (particularly in Baroque period). Part of performance practice intrumentalists and vocalists think about how to add it into the melodic line. (i.e. Chopin) Henry Cowell, The Banshee type of spirit in Irish folklore, appears There are four types of sound in this Banshee (1925) before someone is about to die piece made by four distinct playing 20th century composers try to find sound techniques: qualities (i.e. plucking the piano string) 1) sweeping the flesh of the fingers across the wirewound strings 2) rubbing along the length of the wirewound strings with the flesh of the finger 3) plucking strings with the flesh of the finger (pizzicato) (0:51) 4) rubbing along the length of the string with the back of the fingernail (1:08)
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