Summary of "The What's and When's of Sleep-dependent memory consolidation"

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Le Boutillier

The Whens and Whats of sleepdpndnt memory consolidation Sleep is imp also for memory Memory consolidation maybe the only function that can explain loss of consciousness experienced during sleep Because brain uses the same limited capacities for processing of info and its storage Acute processing and storing may be exclusive processes that cannot take place inthe same networks at the same time Memory function 3 sub processes 1encoding acquisition of the learning material which results in newly built memory representation 2consolidationthese memory traces are strengthened and transformed into a more stable and persistent form and integrated into preexisitng knowledge networks 3retrievalconsolidated memories remain accessible at a delayed retrievalJenkins and Dallenbach first to provide experimental evidence that sleep favors memory consolidation tested retention of learned nonsense syllabus over timefound that memory performance was better following a night sleep than after equivalent amount of time awakeOther studies followed examining the role of sleep for memory processing All studies supported that sleep promotes memory consolidation Question in which conditions sleep consolidates acquired info and in which condition it does notFocus psychological conditions determining the efficacy of sleep for memory consolidation in humans
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