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University of Toronto Scarborough
Matthias Niemeier

THE NEUROSCIENCE OF GRASPINGUmberto Castiello Napier established that manipulative hand movements were choreographed to achieve a continuous and integrated solution to the biomechanical and neurophysiological constraints of any movementJeannerodcoded grasping as changes in grip aperture separation bw thumbindex finger o reachtograsp movementfirst a progressive opening of the grip via straightening of fingersfollowed by gradual closure of grip until it matches objects size o the thumbfinger opening is the largest maximum grip aperture distance between the tip of thumb and the tip of index fingerlandmark that occurs within 6070 of the duration of the reach and is highly correlated with the size of the object o object size fragility size of contact surface textureweightstudiedall influence kinematics of graspingThe hand preshapes during its journey to the target object o larger gripmore accurate grasp needed to lift heavier objectso angular velocityacceleration of finger aperture significantly higher in macaques than in humansmacaques made smaller shoulder excursions than humans during grasping movementThe neurophysiology of grasping 3 specific areas relating to grasping identified in the monkey cortex o F1primary motor cortexM1F1controls grasping action in monkeys F1 area with lesions produces profound deficit in control of individual fingersdisrupts normal graspingInfo from F1 conveyed to cells in spinal cord via corticospinal tract primary neural substrate for indep finger movements lesions here impairs indep finger movements in adult animalsevidence that cortical motor neurons might be relatively more active duringindependent finger movements than during a power gripintermediate cerebellum has a specific role in the control of hand movements during graspingonline
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