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William Seager

PHL A10 - Exercise III 1. Heres a little logical puzzle: you are in a strange land where everyone is either a knight or a knave. Knights always tell the truth; knaves always lie. You meet two of them, A and B. A says, We are both knaves. What is A and B? Prove it. A is a knave, and B is a knight. If A were a knight, then he would have to be telling the truth. He would be saying that they were both knaves, but knaves always lie, hence this logic does not follow through. On the other hand, if A were a knave, then he is lying about both of them being knaves. Since the statement is false, there is the possibility that B is be a knight, while A is a knave. A would be lying about both of them being knaves, but it does not mean that one of them cannot be a knave. The logic is successful in that the statement remains false while abiding by the stated premises. 2. What are the four main characteristics of God as Aquinas understood it? Aquinas described God as being a person who was omnipotent, omniscient, and omni-benevolent. These four attributes were used to the understanding of Gods presence, knowledge, power, and integrity. This understanding of God is used throughout various religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to explain the existence of this all-powering, all-knowing, and entirely good being. 3. What is the primary difference between the conception of motion that Aquinas accepted and Newtons conception of motion? Aquinas conception of motion was derived from Aristotles idea of physics. Aristotle stated that if an object continues to move, a force that keeps it in motion must sustain its motion. Therefore, if the force was remo
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