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Victoria Burke

PHL B05 Social Issues Professor Victoria I. Burke Department of Humanities University of Toronto at Scarborough Final Exam Study Guide You will be prepared for the final if you understand the following concepts. Arthurs view of harm (Sticks and Stones) The scientific and legal status of genetic enhancements The scientific and legal status of SCNT (Will cloning harm people?) The legal status of the death penalty in Canada and the U.S. (Against and Defense of Death penalty) Dworkins view of regulation on speech (Liberty and porn) Deshowitz view of what the legal status of torture should be (Ticking Time Bomb) The primary disadvantage of torture discussed in this class The legal status of torture in Canada and the U.S. The legal status of pornography in the U.S. (Censoring pornorgraphy and Degradation) The scientific evidence regarding the causal link between pornography and violence against women (Why Censoring Pornography Would not reduce discrimination against women) Sens view of rights (Property and Hunger) Arthurs view of rights (World Hunger and Moral Obligation) Kants principle of e
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