PHLB09H3 Final: Final Review

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Lisa Mc Keown

Final Review • Don marquis is arguing for the autonomy of the fetus, he thinks abortion is wrong because we are stealing futures, it is an injustice to the autonomy of the fetus • Thompson is arguing for the autonomy of the mother, and says sure we have rights to life, but there’s limits to that, it might be something nice to do, but its not an obligation, so that any rights that the fetus has to life do not trump the mother’s decision about whether or not shes going to gestate the fetus • Marianne Lenabat shifts the conversation, so instead it being about the fetus autonomy vs the woman’s autonomy • overall it should be allowed but there should be legal restrictions on it, this is because of the assumption that women are flaky and need to be controlled so if abortion is not restricted then women will go crazy and just be doing abortions • she shifts the convo to beneficence and so abortions are medical care, and once you place legal restrictions on abortions, you put doctors in a position where they are afraid to do their jobs because any medical intervention that results in the death of the fetus can result in somebody losing their medical license • so if you say that no abortions should be allowed you end up undermining medical care and so doctors cant do their jobs even when they are trying to save someone • Peter singer says many objections to IVF are overly conservative, he says its too restrictive to people’s autonomy to not allow IVF, we have a lot of social luxuries so we shouldn’t be restricting this or else we have a double standard • Mary anne warren is addressing feminist concerns, where IVF infringes upon women’s autonomy largely because we live in a society where women cant really consent autonomously, that its too much pressure on women to have babies, she argues that IVF does not undermine women’s autonomy • Elizabeth Anderson talks about surrogacy and is also worried about informed consent, she is worried about the commodification of babies, of uteruses and that ends up objecting people and undermining their autonomy and shes worried a
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