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Chad Horne

Mary Anne Warren on Abortion Warren argues that abortion is permissible because the unborn is not a person She first highlights that the 5 criteria of personhood are consciousness and capacity to feel pain reasoning self motivated activity capacity to communicate and the presence of self awareness To further expand her argument on the 5 criteria she says that based on such facts a fetus is not a person and therefore cannot be ascribed full moral rights Restricting access to abortion has tragic side effects and is unjustified on the basis that the woman does not have full control over her body Warren argues that even though if a fetus may have a right to life abortion is still permissible as the right of the woman to terminate the pregnancy might override the right of the fetus to be kept alive Warren also argues on Thomsons viewpoint that to leave the right of a pregnant woman out of consideration extirely expect when her life is threatened through rape or else is unfair A woman has right to obtain a abortion regardless of what right the fetus has Warren argues that the moral right to obtain an abortion is not in the least dependent upon the extent to which the woman is responcible for her pregnancy The basis of the conviction is the realization that a fetus is not a person and thus does not have a full fledged right to life And in the case of infanticide though warren says an infant has
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