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Chad Horne

Paternalism by Gerald Dworkin Dworkin accepts the notion society may sometimes justiably restrict a persons liberty for purposes of selfprotection or the prevention of harms to othersDworkin argues that some limited forms of state paternalism can be justified Two principles One asserting that self protection or the prevention of harm to others is sometimes a sufficient warrant and the other claiming that the individuals own good is never a sufficient warrant for the exercise of compulsion either by the society as a whole or by its individual membersRefutation of Medical paternalism by Alan Glodman Goldman argues that in few extraordinary cases strong paternalism in medicine is unjustified Patients have a right of selfdetermination a right of freedom to make their own choices Decisions regarding their own futures should be left upto them because pesons are the best judges of their own interests and because selfdetermination is valuable for its own sake regardless of its general positive effects He argues there are two arguments against paternalism The first argument hold that allowing an individual free choice is not most likely to result in harm taken in its objective sense The second argument is somewhat more complex It admits likely harm in the objective sense but holds that even greater harm to the individual is likely to ensue from the interference Autonomy Futility and Limits to Medicine by rober SchwartzSchwarts says that physicians are not obligated to give scientifically futile treatment More importantly neither are they morally required to provide treatment that is outside the scope of medical practice Schwartz argues that in many cases the central question is not whether the treatment requested by the patient was futile but whether the treatment was beyond the proper limits of medicine Schwartz contends that defining the scope of medicine should be left to physicians themselvesSchwartz says that often autonomy has been misconducted and improperly applied by courts in cases involving medical decision making such as the Wanglie case
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