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University of Toronto Scarborough
Chad Horne

Morality It concerns beliefs regarding morally right and wrong actions and morally good and bad persons or characterEthics Ethics is the study of morality using the tolls and methods of philosophyDescriptive Ethics It is the study of morality using the methodology of science Its purpose is to investigate the emphirical facts of morality the actual beliefs behaviors and practices that constitute peoples moral experienceNormative Ethics Is it the search for and justification of moral standards or norms In normative ethics we ask whether an action is right of whether a person is goodMetaethics It is the study of the meaning and justification of basic moral beliefs In metaethics we ask what it means for an action to be right or for a person to be goodApplied Ethics The use of moral norms and concepts to resolve practical moral issues It uses moral principles theories arguments or analyses to try to answer moral questions that confront people everydayBioethics It is a kind of applied ethics that focuses on health care medical science and medical technologyEthic problems in medical practice Moral norms Normative Dominance Universality Impartiality ReasonablenessMoral Principles Autonomy Beneficence Utility Justice AutonomyAutonomy is a persons rational capacity for selfgovernance or selfdeterminationIt is an individuals power to deliberate about available options to choose freely amoing those possibilities and to act accordinglyWe fully exercise our autonomy when our choices are our ownAutonomy Principle Autonomous persons should be allowed to exercise their capacity for selfdetermination
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