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PHLB09 Definitions for Exam Experiential Harms = you have to experience in order to be harmed. Its something that interferes with experiential interests Meaningfulness Harms = can harm your goals and plans even if you dont exist to experience them and even without your knowledge. Its something that interferes with meaningful interest. Ex: spreading lies, cheating on you, setting your work on fire Passive = what we experience, ex: medical conditions, accidents. Its subjected to e-harms (experiential) Active = what we plan to do, ex: goal, aspirations, duties. Its not subjected to e-harms, rather m-harms (meaningful) Experiential interests = Subjective, could be autonomous or non autonomous, it depends the passive side of your life. Meaningfulness interests = Objective, connected with autonomy - the active side of your life. Suicide = the act of intentionally killing yourself which means active side (goal oriented, intentional, planned, meaningful) of your life destroys passive side (not in
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