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Ramu Gopalan

ANTHRO BOOK – 647 718 3784 What is home? Why is it important?  large territory  property  a foundation based on love, affection ,nurturance, care, memories, has a significance behind it  sense of security and comfort  cannot be easily replaced  it could be where family is, it is territorial  travel/trailer/cabin  multiple settings (if you are wealthy)  separate residences (Commuting couple, couple that moves back and forth from one place to another, e.g due to work and distance, 2 various apartments)  kin support, new immigrants who cannot afford to live somewhere themselves  social service/street, the street is homeless peoples home ( corner, alley) (not long term arrangement however there place in the world)  refugee camp, have no home so go wherever they can, people who are immigrants or refugees , it’s a temporary arrangement run by UN ( can become your home too based on how long you remain there and if you do not have a home of your own) What home means? Four Main Dimensions of Home 1. Culture  common language and values -Sharing a language, being similar -connect with society because of cultural similarities, values, traditions, -are aware of social norms in culture -sense of belonging if you share these values  Tradition (region/climate) -part of normal life, you can connect based on climate, what you are used to, what you consider to be normal in your region -also how to behave, how to act around others, 2. Psychology  Family household  Memory -psychological emotional mental idea of home, it is not materialistic, though rather the significance of it and what it means, what it represents 3. Social Context  Community  Neighbourhood -interaction, how they relate with each other, how they deal with each other, what ppl do in that community, how they affect each other, what they do on their daily lives, socialization 4. Physical Context  Ethnic/class composition  Roots - Is it a good area, are there events, do people interact with each other, various forms of communication, community activities, this is important in order to develop and transition as a community, country, etc -
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