PHLA10H3 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Guide: Descriptive Knowledge, Reliability Engineering, Philosophical Skepticism

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1 Dec 2016

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Hold that the sentence god exists is meaningless. We will never discover what a true answer is. Positivism believe that theists, atheists and agnostics are all mistaken. Holds that for a sentence to be meaningful it must be either a priori( can be justified by a reason alone) or a posteriori (through experiences to be believed) Falsehood can be also applied e. g. 2+3=5 priori truth , 2+3= 7 priori falsehood. Every sentence is decidable in principle can be proved either true or false therefore the claim whether god exists is meaningless. Priori statements are analytics an analytic truth is a definition or a deductive consequence of a definition. Posteriori statements are synthetic a sentence depends on sense experience for its justification. The statement god exists must be posteriori because we can"t determine his existence just by definition ( rejection of ontological argument) The sentence god exists is untestable. Karl popper scientific theory should be falsifiable .

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