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18 Apr 2011

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Phl a10 - exercise iii: here"s a little logical puzzle: you are in a strange land where everyone is either a knight or a knave. Knights always tell the truth; knaves always lie. You meet two of them, a and b. A is a knave, and b is a knight. If a were a knight, then he would have to be telling the truth. He would be saying that they were both knaves, but knaves always lie, hence this logic does not follow through. A were a knave, then he is lying about both of them being knaves. Since the statement is false, there is the possibility that b is be a knight, while a is a knave. A would be lying about both of them being knaves, but it does not mean that one of them cannot be a knave. Aquinas described god as being a person who was omnipotent, omniscient, and omni-benevolent.

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