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18 Apr 2011

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Compare their advantages and disadvantages in the search for knowledge. Explain how these arguments work and consider their strengths and weaknesses. Assess their overall success in the task of proving that god exists. The first two ways of aquinas involve causation: aquinas"s causal arguments, the necessary being. Aquinas has an argument for the existence of a necessary being, which he identifies with god. Trace out how the argument is supposed to proceed. Assess the success (or lack thereof) of the argument. you think the argument works and consider its strengths and weaknesses. You might also consider the significance of sober"s claim that the argument is abductive rather than analogical. Explain how: divine design, evolution and creation, the problem of evil. What is the basic conflict between these two views. Explain how evolution forms an alternative hypothesis to the design hypothesis. Carefully outline the argument against the existence of god which is based on the existence of evil.

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