John Arthur Morality

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14 Jul 2011

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John Arthur: Religion, Morality and Conscience
Chapter: 2- John Arthur: Religion, Morality and Conscience
Book: Contemporary Moral Problems
Author: James E. White
Quote: “Morality is Social.
What I expect to learn:
I’m expecting to learn the difference and the connection between religion and morality.
Chapter Review:
For me, this chapter is all about knowing the relationship between religion and morality. Are the two different with
each other or whether the two has some connections with each other?
According to Arthur, morality and religion is different for the reason that morality involves our attitudes toward various
forms of behavior, typically expressed using the notions of rules, rights and obligations. On the other hand, religion,
typically involves prayer, worship, beliefs about the supernatural, institutional forms and authoritative texts.
Morality and Religion are connected for the reason that without religious motivation people could not be expected to
do the right thing; that religion is necessary to provide guidance to people in their search for the correct course of
action; and that religion is essential for there even to be a right or wrong.
What I’ve learned:
I’ve learned that religion could truly affect morality. That religion can change immorality.
Integrative Questions:
1. How are morality and religion different?
2. What is moral motivation?
3. What is moral knowledge?
4. Who are the divine command theory?
5. How are morality and religion connected?
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