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7 Jun 2011

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POLB50 FALL Study Guide for Midterm Test on October 20th, 2010
Prof. H. Gibbs
Please Note:
Students with Surnames from A-L write from 9:10 to 10:00
Students with Surnames from M-Z write from 10:05 until 10:55
Students writing in the first group must stay in the classroom until 10:00am
There will be no lecture. There are also no tutorials that day.
Please bring your student ID card. You will be asked to leave your backpacks at the front of the
class. No cellphones, blackberries, laptops or other electronic devices will be permitted during
the exam. Be Prompt.
The test is 50 minutes long. The exam is worth 20% of your grade. The exam is graded out of a
total of 35 points.
The following study guide is intended to help you organize your preparation for the midterm
exam. The best way to prepare is to familiarize yourself well with the course readings, contents
of lectures and tutorials. Time management is of vital importance in this exam and thus, so is
You should not assume that the exam questions will follow exactly the wording of the study
questions and concepts, but if you can answer these questions you will be prepared for the exam.
The midterm exam consists of 3 parts. Part One will be 5 multiple choice questions. Part Two is
based on a choice of definition/significance terms. Part Three is made up of a choice of short
answer questions. This study guide will review concepts and questions that will be explicitly
used in Part Two and Three.
All answers will be written on the midterm exam itself. Please pay attention to what each
question is worth in order to gauge how many points you will need to achieve full marks for any
answer. Also, remember that you are tested on what you have learned in THIS COURSE only.
Part I: Multiple Choice (5 questions, worth 1 mark each, 5 marks total)
Part II: Define and Significance (4 terms worth 5 marks each, 20 marks total)
You will be asked to define a term/concept or contrast two terms and demonstrate why it is
significant in the study of Canada’s political institutions. The space provided to you to answer
this question will be the equivalent of one third of a page.
There will be 7 possible terms to answer, you will be asked to answer 4. Each answer will be
worth 5 points for a total of 20 points in this section. Keep in mind that the evaluation will
roughly adhere to: two points for the definition; two points for its significance; one point for
example or factual detail (i.e. a name, date/time period).
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