POLB50Y3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Tyrant, Bicameralism, Responsible Government

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A bill is a proposed law that is introduced in either the house of. However, most bills are introduced in the house of commons and passed by the senate. Essentially, bills can be amended or they can repeal existing laws, or can be a completely new law. For example, a law that made abortion illegal was passed in canada in 1969, but was repealed in 1988 making it legal. There are several stages before a bill can be officially passed. First, it must go through the first house, in which either the house of commons or the senate can be first, then the other would be the second house. The first reading is where the bill is formally introduced, printed with notes to the house. During the second reading, the bill is debated. If its passed, the bill is then referred to a committee to further study and review. The committee studies the clauses of the bill and makes amendments.

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