POLB50Y3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Henry Morgentaler, Abortion Clinic, Charter Of The French Language

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Polb50 f i nal exam rev iew 1. Questions: roger gibbins indicates that the resulting constitution of 1982 is a. Be specific to events, legislation and demands: explain the evolution of canadian federalism, highlighting and comparing the characteristics of each of the phases. Indicate whether or not the phase pushed the federation toward centralization or decentralization. to begin with, federalism refers to the system where political authority is divided between two constitutionally distinct orders/levels of government. The two level of orders are federal, and provincial orders. There is a debate if aboriginal should be a third level. so the first phase is confederation settlement. This phase is incredibly centralized, barely a federal government. Power for raising money, over trade, responsibility for indegineous people. This was central to government using power to keep everything central. Quebec was upset because they feel that the minority is threatened. Individual provinces became more powerful, and it was about decentralizing.

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